A woman who cares.


Kimberly Hull’s road to facial beauty is as interesting as it is telling of this amazing master facialist. Harolding first as a makeup artist in the movie industry, to waxing in Las Vegas, to reflexology, to learning the ancient facial techniques of the asians, to being hired as the lead facialist and voted the BEST in Santa Fe - she is educated, she is interesting, and she will give your skin the best treatment with the best products on the market.

Kimberly Hull is a master facial artist with a passion for edifying her clients on the importance of good products and regular skin treatments. It is her belief that there is a systemic problem in the beauty industry, where products are sold through marketing rather than ingredients or actual benefits for the skin. With millions of choices, the consumer is left to make choices based on the success of a marketing campaign and too often purchase products that make claims but have no real benefits. The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be taken care of.

A firm believer in using European products, they have very high and strict standards, the lines she carries are organic and actually feed the skin and yield amazing results.

Using cutting edge technology, she couples age old techniques and massage for a thoroughly pampered experience.

Kimberly Hull is a trove of golden information, who clearly is dedicated and passionate about her field. The combination of her skills is not something you can learn in a beauty school, but only the credentials you can have from an endless pursuit to know more, and provide her clients with the best.

She is passionate about teaching her clients how to care for their skin, and with a good facialist and the right products, your skin can look 15 years younger.